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Marie Brolin-Tani


The Swedish choreographer Marie Brolin-Tani is a pivotal performer within modern Scandinavian dance, and for years she has had a special connection to Aarhus, where she at first worked as a dancer at the Danish National Opera and Aarhus Theatre. In Aarhus during the 1990’s, she was the founder of MBT Danseteater which became one of the leading dance companies in Denmark. Since she became head of the internationally esteemed Skånes Danseteater. Marie is especially known for her work with young dancers at the beginning of their careers at The Young Dance Company in the Oresund Region, and Young Fuse Dance Company in Jönköping, Sweden. She is currently continuing this work as artistic director at Black Box Dance Company in Holstebro. Several of Marie’s choreographies have been nominated for a Reumert Prize as was The Picture of Dorian Gray, and The Funen Opera’s production Andre Bygninger, directed by Marie, was awarded a Reumert in 2015.

  • Thomas Agerfeldt Olesen

    The Picture of Dorian Gray