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Manuel Esperilla


Educated in Madrid and Copenhagen, Manuel Esperilla is one of the most active pianists within classical and contemporary music in Denmark and the Øresund region. As a pianist in Athelas Sinfonietta, he has performed, among others, the Danish premiere of Pierre Boulez’ Dérive 2.

Manuel Espirilla is a member of Rudersdal Chamber Players, an instrumentally flexible quartet dedicated to classical and contemporary music who collaborate with composers such as Elena Firsova, Dmitri Smirnov, Lera Auerbach, Jexper Holmen and Poul Ruders. He has collaborated with orchestras and ensembles such as the Danish National Symphony Orchestra, Malmö Symphony Orchestra, Arctic Philharmonic, SCENATET, Dygong, Ekkozone, Superflex and Percurama. Among the conductors he has worked with are Thomas Søndergård, Pierre-André Valade, Jean Thorel and Michael Schønwandt. He has performed at KLANG Festival, Tage für Neue Musik, Festival Musica and Sound Ways International New Music Festival. Since 2009 he has been an accompanist at the Royal Danish Academy of Music.

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