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Launy Grøndahl

Launy Grøndahl trained as a violinist, but became best known as a conductor. He was a pupil of Axel Gade and Ludolf Nielsen. In 1925 he joined the Symphony Orchestra of the Danish Broadcasting Corporation – known today as the Danish National Symphony Orchestra / DR – and for the next 31 years he played a major role in the development of the orchestra. Launy Grøndahl has both composed stage music, orchestral music, concertos, chamber music, piano works and songs. He is though best known for his trombone concerto and for his pioneering recordings of the symphonies of Carl Nielsen.
  • Launy Grøndahl, Vagn Holmboe, Axel Jørgensen, Søren Hyldgaard

    Romantic Trombone Concertos