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Lars Møller

conductor & composer

Since 2012 saxophonist, composer and conductor Lars Møller has worked closely with Aarhus Jazz Orchestra, which has it origins in the legendary bandleader Jens Klüver’s unique life’s work, Klüver’s Big Band. In 2012 when Klüver – after 34 years as band leader – bowed out and went into retirement, Møller was given the unique opportunity to head up what came to be known as Aarhus Jazz Orchestra. His vision was that the orchestra, as one of Denmark’s major jazz institutions, would be a cultural lighthouse where the improvisation and expression of jazz in the present moment meets the score-based dramatic expression of the large ensemble format.

Lars Møller’s angle of approach has been a global perspective on how we discover what we can learn from other musical cultures; how we can cooperate and at the same time reach a deeper understanding of our own tradition and identity. After the release of ‘ReWrite of Spring’ (Dacapo 2015) Møller has, as composer-in-residence with Aarhus Jazz Orchestra since 2016, been able to continue this vision with the works ‘To a New World’ (performed at the opening of the Aarhus and Paphos (Cyprus) European Cultural Capitals), and ‘Glow of Benares’.

  • Lars Møller

    Glow of Benares

  • Lars Møller

    ReWrite of Spring