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Jørgen Ellegaard Frederiksen

Jørgen Ellegård Frederiksen had his basic musical training as a child in the Copenhagen Boys’ Choir. After high school he began studying piano at the Royal Danish Academy of Music in Copenhagen, studying organ at the same time. In 1989 he took the Sacred Music Diploma from the Academy. Immediately after taking his organ diploma Jørgen Ellegård Frederiksen was appointed as organist at the Absalon Church in Copenhagen, where he still works. Jørgen Ellegård Frederiksen has a wide-ranging musical career behind him. As an organ soloist he has played many concerts in Denmark and abroad, with a special interest in German romantic music and contemporary Danish organ music. As a pianist he is a highly appreciated accompanist. Besides his organist post at the Absalon Church Jørgen Ellegård Frederiksen also teaches ear training at the Royal Danish Academy of Music in Copenhagen, as well as organ and piano.
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