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Jonas Frølund

Jonas Frølund © Birgit Tengberg

Jonas Frølund is one of most promising young clarinettists in Denmark. He graduated from the Supérieur Conservatory in Paris, where he was mentored by Professors Pascal Moraguès and Philippe Berrod. Prior to that, he received guidance from the solo clarinettists of the Royal Danish Orchestra, John Kruse and Lee Morgan.

Frølund has a diverse repertoire, but his passion lies in chamber music, solo performances, contemporary music, and sharing musical heritage and energy with both young and old audiences. He has two regular ensembles, the wind quintet V Coloris and the Danish Chamber Orchestra, where he serves as solo clarinettist. Pianist Elias Holm is Frølund’s regular duo partner.

Frølund is passionate about taking on the creative, initiating role and loves to create projects from scratch, where the music and storytelling take center stage. Composers such as Birgitte Alsted, Mette Nielsen, Lil Lacy, Matias Vestergård, Poul Ruders, Rune Glerup, and Ivar Frounberg are his regular collaborators, all with the aim of being an ambassador for contemporary music.

In 2022, Frølund was awarded the newly established Birkhave Prize. The same year he received an honorary mention at the Prague Spring International Music Competition, and the year before, he was awarded the Artist Prize by the Danish Music Critics Association. In 2019, he won first prize at the 5th International Clarinet Competition in Lisbon. Frølund has collaborated with Trio con Brio Copenhagen, Nikolaj Szeps-Znaider, Marianna Shirinyan, Torleif Thedéen, and the Danish String Quartet. He regularly performs with the Nightingale String Quartet.

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