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Jena Philharmonic Orchestra


The Jena Philharmonic, the biggest symphony orchestra in the German state of Thuringia, was established in 1934, and with extensive concert activities in and outside Germany the orchestra has built up a solid international status. The orchestra has attracted special attention with its thematic treatment of its seasonal programmes and its highly varied range of musical genres. For example the Jena Philharmonic was awarded the Prize of the German Music Publishers for “Best Programming of the Year” for three concert seasons. The orchestra’s extensive discography also testifies to its high standards. In 2004 the orchestra embarked on a special collaboration involving musicians in schools where the musicians of the orchestra and chamber music ensembles visit school classes and introduce the instruments of the orchestra to the pupils, who are given an opportunity to see, hear and touch the instruments. In the older classes the pupils learn about the working conditions of the musicians. Since the autumn of 2005 the Jena Philharmonic has been part of the European orchestral network “ONE”, established by the European Commission.

  • Finn Høffding

    Orchestral Works