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Dufay Collective

The Dufay Collective formed in 1987 to explore a repertoire from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance. The broad range and versatility of their performances has led to critical acclaim world wide. The group has always emphasised entertaining programming, whilst referring closely to current academic research. Their six recordings from Songs of the Trouveres to the Taverns of 17th century London have been universally well received and the strong image and high performance standards have enabled the Dufays to stand out visually and aurally from similar ensembles. The ‘collective’ approach has served to create a special bond between the group members, displayed in the clarity and integrity they bring to areas of performing early music, particularly in improvisation. Most programmes are performed from memory, enhancing the prime philosophy of the group, which is to present the music in a less formal context, bringing the music to life for contemporary audiences.
  • Dietrich Buxtehude

    Vocal Music Vol. 2