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Bernhard Lewkovitch

Svend Aage Mortensen

Bernhard Lewkovitch is an unusual figure in Danish music, as the great bulk of his music is associated with the Catholic Church. Lewkovitch is the son of Polish immigrants, and he made his appearance in the 1950s with works that were rather experimental and which also used the twelve-tone technique - this too was unusual in Danish music.

After a break from composition, Bernhardt Lewkovitch has composed busily since the 1970s, in a more archaic style influenced by old Catholic sacred music. Another important inspiration is the serialist period of Stravinsky. Apart from a few early instrumental works, by far the greater part of Lewkovitch's music is religious works for choir. It is music on a wide variety of scales, from short liturgical a cappella pieces to works with a large orchestra. Bernhard Lewkovitch was also for many years precentor at the Catholic Cathedral in Copenhagen, and founded the Copenhagen choir Schola Cantorum.