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Bartholomæus Stockmann

Information about the life of Bartholomæus Stockmann is extremely scanty. The title page of the collection Musica Nuptialis reveals that he was born in Brunswick. It has been suggested that he may have studied at the University in Helmstedt, but so far it has not been documented.

In 1583, Stockmann was engaged as cantor at the Flensburg Grammar School; by 1586 he had already resigned together with the principal of the school. We do not know the reason; Flensburg historians have conjectured that a disagreement with the city council may have been the reason why principal and cantor made common cause. Stockmann remained in Flensburg after leaving the post as cantor.

On 19th September 1587 Bartholomæus Stockmann was imprisoned in Flensburg. Why we do not know, and it is highly remarkable that just three weeks after his imprisonment, he was engaged as a bass singer in Frederik II’s cantorium in Copenhagen. His ‘career move’ from convict to royal bass singer in just nineteen days is quite inexplicable unless some powerful person intervened, possibly even King Frederik II himself.

Stockmann remained in his post for three years until September 1590, after which he disappears from the record; there is no information as to whether he died in Copenhagen or went elsewhere.