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Arild String Quartet

Caroline Bittencourt

Since its debut in 1998 the Arild String Quartet has profiled itself among the leading Danish chamber ensembles and garnered great acclaim for its mature, elegant playing. The quartet consists of Tobias Durholm (first violin), Anna Zelianodjevo (second violin), Stine Hasbirk (viola) and Ingemar Brantelid (cello) and they are all experienced chamber musicians with leading positions in the Royal Danish Orchestra and in the Odense Symphony Orchestra. The Arild String Quartet has toured in Brazil, Greece, Sweden and Scotland. The recording of the quartets of the Danish Romantics C.F.E. Horneman and Asger Hamerik is the Arild String Quartet’s first CD release.

  • C.F.E. Horneman, Asger Hamerik

    String Quartets