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Anders Monrad


Anders Monrad is a Danish composer, pianist and interaction artist. After his formal education in classical composition from the Royal Danish Academy of Music and the Royal Academy of Music in London (2011), Monrad has been primarily interested in collaborations with other art forms - for example in the conceptual piece "Mærsk The Opera” from 2012, which is a traditional opera created in collaboration with the artists group SUPERFLEX. Other collaborations includes performances with poet Jesper Elving and installations with visual artist Jacob Tækker.

Monrad has a quite conservative approach in his works for traditional instruments, which nevertheless often combines traditional musical idioms with humorous or satirical content. On the other hand, Monrad has been working with numerous musical experiments especially projects including algorithmic composition for digital media: for example music-generating computer games, interactive musical setups with quadcopters and programming of musical apps for iPhone and iPad - in collaborations with Copenhagen Game Collective and artists group Haandholdt for whom he developed the iPhone app "Virtuoso" in 2014, among others.