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Vigga Bro

Vigga Bro (narrator) began her career in 1959 at the Århus Theatre School and subsequently worked for the theatre on a regular basis until 1964. Since 1964 she has been active on the Copenhagen stage and has played in a wide repertoire from the Revue to Shakespeare, as well as film and TV. In 1967-83 she was a member of the theatre troupe Banden (The Gang) in Odense, where she also made her debut as a director, a part of the theatrical field that has ever since been an important element in her career. In recent years she has made a name as a storyteller, and in 1996 she published the book Orkanens øje (Eye of the Hurricane) about the oral narrative form. In 1997 in Odense she premiered her own storytelling production with stories and an adaptation of Karen Blixen’s The Ship-Boy’s Tale.