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META DUO represents a new approach to chamber music, space music: its expression comes true by associating a classical interpreter with a new generation of instrumentalists : those who play the modern instrument family mixers, flangers, phasing, and other sound processors (using sound producing, colouring and spacing to their full extend). The only Duet in the world working, (devoted to) this kind of music, META DUO works out within its rigorous, magic and sensual electroacoustic world. META DUO experiences the sound alchemy of our time. Meta Duo plays in EMNEAPHONY. Visit the website of META DUO Read about saxophonist Daniel Kientzy Read about electronist Reina Portuondo
  • Sunleif Rasmussen, Hans Peter Stubbe Teglbjærg, Morten Olsen, Jens Hørsving, Ivar Frounberg