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Hans Gefors


Hans Gefors is not actually a Dane, but he lived in Denmark for many years (from the early 70s to the mid-80s) and by his position and importance in Scandinavian musical life. Gefors studied music in Stockholm before moving to Denmark in 1973 after meeting Per Nørgård at a Festival of Young Nordic Music. He received his diploma in composition in Århus (Denmark) in 1977, after studies with Per Nørgård. His breakthough as a composer came with his grand opera "Christina" in 1986, and he was appointed professor of composition at the Malmö College of Music in 1988. His second large-scale opera "Der Park" was premiered in Wiesbaden in 1992. Hans Gefors has always been especially interested in writing vocal music, but he has also written orchestral works and solo and chamber music.