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Copenhagen Cornetts & Sackbutts

Copenhagen Cornetts & Sackbutts was formed in 1989 and is Scandinavia's leading Renaissance wind ensemble. Originally the concept of the ensemble was to bridge the gap between contemporary music composition and early European music, inspired by the vision behind the Vocal Group Ars Nova. Today, however, the ensemble concentrates exclusively on early European music. From the beginning Copenhagen Cornetts & Sackbutts have been pioneers in the performance of Danish and North German wind music from the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, often in collaboration with choirs. The ensemble now consists of twelve wind players and works regularly with members of its 'sister ensemble' in England, His Majestys Sagbuts & Cornetts. It is with considerable pride that the ensemble, with its model in the Danish King Christian Ill's wind consort of the mid-sixteenth century, can now make its debut with this earliest manifestation of Danish music, which is also unique in that it makes up the only collected body of music for a chapel royal in Northern Europe around 1550. The ensemble has previously appeared on a recording of Claudio Monteverdi's Vespers of the Blessed Virgin Mary with the Vocal Group Ars Nova and Concerto Copenhagen in 1991.
  • Thomas Stoltzer, Melchoir Kugelmann, Jørgen Presten, Josquin de Prez, Nicolas Gombert, Heinrich Finck, Ludwig Senfl, Severin Tham

    Blæsere og stemmer II

  • David Abell, Jørgen Presten, Paul Kugelmann, Melchoir Kugelmann, Heinrich Finck

    Blæsere og stemmer. Musik fra Christian III’s hof