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Jan Maegaard

Chamber Music

Peter Andersen, bassoon
Jørgen Bove, saxophone
Henrik Brendstrup, cello
Toke Lund Christiansen, flute
Eva Feldbæk, organ
Tim Frederiksen, viola
Jesper Helmuth Madsen, clarinet
Ulla Miilmann, flute
Annette L. Simonsen, mezzo-soprano
Klas Sjöblom, oboe
Henrik Svitzer, flute

Jan Maegaard, composer

Jan Maegaard, composer, musicologist, and well.known specialist in the music of Arnold Schoenberg, was one of the earliest exponents of the new music movement in Denmark in the 1950s. His output consists mainly of chamber music and reflects many of the most important trends in the development of the avant-garde, including dodecaphony, serialism, punctualism, open form, and most recently a return to a new kind of tonality.

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Jævndøgnselegi (Elegy of Equinox) op. 28 (1955)
For mezzo-soprano, cello and organ

I Quieto

2:45 Play $1.40

II Andante

3:10 Play $1.40

III Maestoso

2:39 Play $1.40

IV Moderato

3:10 Play $1.40

V Allegro - Andante

4:24 Play $1.40

VII Recitativo solemne

2:55 Play $1.40

VII Quieto

3:21 Play $1.40

Labirinto I per viola sola, op. 77 (1986)

12:17 Play $2.80

Canon for three flutes, op. 68 (1981)

10:34 Play $2.80
Musica Riservata II, op. 61 (1976)

I Figura

2:44 Play $1.40

II Sonata

8:01 Play $2.10

III Nenia

3:45 Play $1.40

IV Contrappunto

1:53 Play $1.40
Total playing time  62 minutes

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Recorded at Focus Recording, Copenhagen, on 8 December 1995 and 9 January 1996, and at Vestkirken, Ballerup, on 8 March 1996

Recording producer: Sven Erik Werner
Sound engineer: Hans Nielsen
Publisher: The Society for Publication of Danish Music (Elegy and Musica Riservata)

Cover picture: Ole Schwalbe: "Romersk Nat" (1964/65) by courtesy of Statens Museum for Kunst

Label: Dacapo

Format: CD

Catalogue Number: 8.224050

Barcode: 0730099945028

Release month: May 1996

Period: Early 20th Century

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