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Peter Bruun

Miki Alone - Seven songs for a mad woman

Figura Ensemble
Helene Gjerris, mezzo soprano

Peter Bruun, composer

The Danish composer Peter Bruun has won Nordic Councils Music Prize 2008 for his music drama Miki Alone, which was staged at Den Anden Opera in 2002. It's a contemporary music drama about a modern yet mad woman's life in a circus kitchen. The CD recording is now available at Dacapo. It contains the staging's seven songs sung by Helene Gjerris, that kan be heard as a portrayal of the mad woman through her inner thoughts and emotions. The lyrics are by the poet Ursula Andkjær Olsen and accompaniment is by the Figura Ensemble.

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Miki Alone
Seven songs for a mad woman (2002-04)

No. 1, Introduction

3:30 Play $1.40

No. 2, Spring

5:50 Play $2.10

No. 3, Svanesø

6:14 Play $2.10

No. 4, Kast

6:28 Play $2.10

No. 5, Festen

4:45 Play $1.40

No. 6, Syndflod

4:13 Play $1.40

No. 7, Sorgen

7:49 Play $2.10

No. 8, Vuggesang

3:39 Play $1.40
Total playing time  42 minutes

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Recorded at Mantziusgården autumn 2004 by Jens Hørsving
Producers: Thomas Søndergaard, Peter Bruun and Jens Hørsving
Editing and mastering: Jens Hørsving

Cover picture: Michael Altschul/Visuel Media
Graphic design: Filippa Berglund


Mika Alone was staged at Den Anden Opera, Copenhagen, autumn 2002.

Label: Dacapo

Format: CD

Catalogue Number: 8.226555

Barcode: 636943655528

Release month: October 2008

Period: 21st Century

Digital booklet (pdf) available for download customers

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