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    Jewel Case
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Niels W. Gade


Københavns Strygekvartet

Niels W. Gade is one of the most prominent representatives of High Romanticism in Danish music. As a young man Gade had a meteoric career in Leipzig, where he succeeded Mendelssohn in 1847 as conductor of the Gewandhaus Orchestra. But in 1848 he settled down in Copenhagen, where he remained active as a composer, conductor, organist and teacher until his death. Although Gade is primarily known for his orchestral and choral works, he also composed a number of excellent chamber music works, including the three quartets on this CD.

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String Quartet in F minor (1851)
1 I Andante con moto 6:39 9,60 kr.
2 II Allegretto 3:37 6,40 kr.
3 III Allegro di molto 2:28 6,40 kr.
4 IV Andantino quasi allegretto - Allegro vivace 8:04 9,60 kr.
String Quartet in E minor (1877)
5 I Allegro (non troppo) 5:40 9,60 kr.
6 II Andantino 4:03 6,40 kr.
7 III Scherzo: Presto 3:57 6,40 kr.
8 IV Finale: Allegro 5:58 9,60 kr.
String Quartet in D major, op. 63 (1887-89)
9 I Allegro moderato 6:12 9,60 kr.
10 II Allegro vivace 2:48 6,40 kr.
11 III Andante poco lento 5:25 9,60 kr.
12 IV Finale: Allegro con brio 5:45 9,60 kr.
Total runtime: 
61 min.
Release date: 
juli 1995
Jewel Case
Track count: 


Previously released on CD by DMA
Recorded in Copenhagen 1963 and 1968

Sound engineer: Helge Albrechtsen
Digital editing: Claus Byrith

Cover picture: J. Th. Lundbye: "Gåsetårnet i Vordingborg" (1842), by courtesy of Statens Museum for Kunst, Copenhagen