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    Jewel Case
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Hakon Børresen
Jens Laurson Emborg
Peter Heise
Jacob Fabricius
Louis Glass
Ludolf Nielsen


Henrik Brendstrup, Per Salo

Six Danish Romantics and their character pieces for cello and piano: music that is yearning, tender, merry and song-like. Most of the pieces are recorded here for the first time, and paint a picture of a small country's fertile musical life in the years 1860-1910 - but the music can also be enjoyed as twelfe languishingly melodious pieces from the salons of a bygone age.

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Romance for Cello and Piano op. 4 (1903)
1 Andante 6:54 12,00 kr.
Deux Pièces pour Violoncelle et Piano Op. 17 (c. 1912)
2 No. 1. Élégie: Andante espressivo 5:29 12,00 kr.
3 No. 2. Sérénade: Allegretto 5:27 12,00 kr.
Nocturne for Cello and Piano Op. 1
4 Molto tranquillo 4:35 8,00 kr.
Four Pieces for Cello and Piano
5 I Agitato, ma un poco moderato 5:23 12,00 kr.
6 II Andante 5:15 12,00 kr.
7 III Con fuoco 3:28 8,00 kr.
8 IV Andante sostenuto - Allegretto non troppo presto 4:04 8,00 kr.
Ballade for Cello and Piano
9 Allegro moderato e con molto espressione 4:42 8,00 kr.
Dormeuse pour Violoncelle et Piano
10 Dormeuse pour Violoncelle et Piano 3:28 8,00 kr.
Frühlingslied Op. 31 (1902)
11 Andante molto espressivo 4:57 8,00 kr.
Romance for Cello and Piano Op. 11 (1906)
12 Andante appassionata 5:59 12,00 kr.
Total runtime: 
60 min.
Release date: 
oktober 1998
Jewel Case
Track count: 


Recorded at the Danmarks Radio, Studio 2, 11-13 on May 1998

Recording producer: Henrik Sleiborg
Editing engineers: Peter Bo Nielsen and Henrik Sleiborg

Cover painting: Vilhelm Hammershøi: "Violoncelospilleren" (Henry Bramsen) (1893-94), Fyns Kunstmuseum, Odense

This CD has been recorded in cooperation with Danmarks Radio