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Bernd Rinne

Bernd Rinne became the principal viola player in The Copenhagen Philharmonic Orchestra in 1998. Before coming to Denmark, he lived as a chamber musician, soloist and composer. He was a founding member of the Habá Quartet in 1983. For many years, the Haba Quartet performed countless concerts and broadcasted in radio and television. As a soloist Bernd has performed with The Copenhagen Philharmonic Orchestra as well as various orchestras internationally, with many of these performances being used for radio broadcast. Altogether, through the years, 42 composers have dedicated their works to Bernd Rinne. Bernd has given many Chamber Music Courses in Germany, Austria and Holland, and from 1989 he was the artistic leader of the Ahlhorner Chamber Music Festival. Bernd studied both violin and viola at the Frankfurt Music High School where he was also employed for 3 years in the Frankfurt Radio Orchestra.