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Future releases

August 2019

Niels Viggo Bentzon
CD/8.226077 – The Tempered Piano
Per Salo
During his own lifetime, Niels Viggo Bentzon (1919-2000) became the very symbol of modern music in Denmark. An unstoppable creative force which, right from his breakthrough in the early 1940s, was in a category of his own. Per Salo, the pre-eminent Danish interpreter of Bentzon, here turns to Bentzon’s huge-scale piano cycle The Tempered Piano, with a personal compilation of preludes and fugues from the many volumes that Bentzon wrote with direct inspiration from Bach. Riotous digressions, musical worlds of unbridled fantasy, loosely constructed blowholes – everywhere Bentzon broke new ground – ground far from the golden mean.

September 2019

Karl Aage Rasmussen
CD/8.226220 – The Four Seasons after Vivaldi
Concerto Copenhagen, Lars Ulrik Mortensen
Nancy Dalberg
SACD/6.220655 – The String Quartets
Nordic String Quartet
Nancy Dalberg (1881-1949) completed three string quartets, and they hold a place of their own among her compositions. No. 1 in D minor was the very first instrumental work that she presented at a public concert (1915). No. 2 in G minor, op. 14 (1922), was the first work that was published and played outside Denmark, while No. 3, op. 20 (1927), which is dedicated to her teacher, Carl Nielsen, was not published during her lifetime. The present release of the three quartets features two world premiere recordings.
Artwork in progress
Video/8.226618 – De fire årstider efter Vivaldi (Video)

October 2019

Digital only/8.226611 – EDUCATE·S – Stykker for klaver

November 2019

Jesper Koch
SACD/6.220579 – Dreamscapes
Michaela Fukacova, John Kruse, Eugen Tichindeleanu, Odense Symphony Orchestra, Justin Brown
Jesper Koch (b. 1967) writes profoundly traditionalist music, melodious and often tonal. It is old-time music, a fluid blend of fantasy and reality that here seeks to escape from reality in the cello concerto Dreamscapes, feels at home in oases of happiness and nostalgia in the violin concerto Arcadia Lost, and in the clarinet concerto Lonesome seeks for a way out of loneliness. The three solo concertos on the album have all been written for the soloists featured on this album with Odense Symphony Orchestra conducted by Justin Brown.
Artwork in progress
Emil Hartmann
/8.226183 – Kammermusik
Elisabeth Zeuthen Schneider, Justus Grimm, Tony Nys, Daniel Blumenthal