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Future releases

March 2021

Lars Hegaard
CD/8.226594 – Solo and chamber works
Jesper Sivebæk, Cæcilie Balling, Morten Zeuthen, Max Artved, Tim Frederiksen
Steingrimur Rohloff
/8.226129 – Medea/Lysistrata
Tuva Semmingsen, Esbjerg Ensemble, Henrik Vagn Christensen

April 2021

Mogens Christensen, Anders Nordentoft, John Frandsen, Peter Bruun, Eva Noer Kondrup, Anders Brødsgaard, Birgitte Alsted, Andy Pape, Karsten Fundal, Anders Koppel
/8.224733 – Animal Universe
Christina Bjørkøe
The challenge of the Etude has intrigued and inspired composers from Bach and Chopin on: can music designed to improve technique hold its own aesthetic value? Pianist Christina Bjørkøe has an inspired answer to that question. She commissioned a set of three animal etudes from twelve composers and here presents the charming, evocative and very useful musical menagerie that resulted. From flea to hippo, beginner to professional, there is something for everyone.

May 2021

Artwork in progress
Per Nørgård
/8.226585 – Singing Secrets
Helge Slaatto, Anette Slaatto, Signe Asmussen, John Ehde, Erik Kaltoft, Irena Kavčič
Artwork in progress
Friedrich Kuhlau
CD/8.226204 – Piano Works vol. 2
Marie-Luise Bodendorff

June 2021

Artwork in progress
Bent Sørensen
Digital only/8.226627 – Nocturnes for Piano
Katrine Gislinge
Artwork in progress
Jesper Koch
SACD/6.220627 – Korbogen
Danish National Vocal Ensemble, Marcus Creed