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Future releases

February 2020

Jakob Davidsen
CD/8.226137 – The World Is Babel and Ivory
Signe Asmussen, Figura Ensemble, Jakob Davidsens Kammerat Orkester
This release delivers the thrill of discovery when Jakob Davidsen and company take the listener away from safe, conventional paths into a striking genre-hopping adventure. It’s a sombre tale, based on selected texts by William Shakespeare, Ursula Andkjær Olsen and Ole Sarvig but ones that Davidsen imbues with gentle intimacy and vibrant colours. 
Sunleif Rasmussen
CD/8.226133 – Andalag – Solo and Ensemble Works
Sunleif Rasmussen (b. 1961) is the undisputed pioneer of faroese classical music, and this album features some of the faroe islands’ most talented performers, the new music ensemble aldubáran and violist Jákup lützen. Recorded in Tórshavn, the music they present here pivots on Rasmussen’s deft harbouring of momentum and energy, his gift for transformative tex- tures, and his closeness to the unique musical traditions and landscapes of the islands themselves – one of the most beautiful, distinctive and nature- rich archipelagos on earth.

March 2020

Bent Sørensen
CD/8.226095 – Concertos
Martin Fröst, Leif Ove Andsnes, Det Norske Kammerorkester, DR SymfoniOrkestret, Thomas Søndergård
Bent Sørensen’s distinctive music thrives on the intangible, from atmospheres and feelings to memories and dreams. This recording assembles three recent concertos from the Grawemeyer Award-winning composer performed by distin- guished Nordic soloists, beginning with a second piano concerto played by its dedicatee and inspiration, Leif Ove Andsnes. Sørensen’s clarinet concerto for Martin Fröst is inspired by the scents of Spanish poetry, while his trumpet concerto for Tine Thing Helseth feeds of his constant obsession with the beauty and vulnerability of Venice. Each is highly evocative and filled with Sørensen’s etched beauty.
Artwork in progress
Digital only/8.226614 – EDUCATE·S – Stykker for violin

April 2020

Artwork in progress
Vagn Holmboe
CD/8.226212 – Strygekvartetter vol. 1
Nightingale String Quartet