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Future releases

November 2019

Birgitte Alsted, Simon Christensen, Fuzzy, Eva Noer Kondrup, Ib Nørholm, Morten Olsen, Kasper Rofelt, Martin Stauning, Line Tjørnhøj, Nicolai Worsaae
Digital only/8.226611 – Educate·S – Pieces for Piano
Jonathan Siahaan
This recording was made to accompaniment the Educate·S educational sheet music series of newly written composition music for children and young people, published by the Danish music publisher Edition·S. With the Educate·S series, leading Danish composers have been invited to write new pieces for children and young people, to introduce pupils with music that embraces the musical horizons and tonal worlds offered by contemporary composers. Here played by Jonathan Siahaan
Jesper Koch
SACD/6.220579 – Dreamscapes
Michaela Fukacova, John Kruse, Eugen Tichindeleanu, Odense Symphony Orchestra, Justin Brown
The music of Jesper Koch (b. 1967) is in a constant and fruitful dialogue with the past. Often melodious with tonal connotations and with a dreamlike quality that seeks to escape from reality in the cello concerto Dreamscapes, feels at home in oases of happiness and nostalgia in the violin concerto Arcadia Lost. And finally, the clarinet concerto Lonesome deals with different aspects of loneliness. The three concertos are presented here in world premiere recordings featuring the soloists they were written for. They, in turn, share a deep connection with the Odense Symphony Orchestra, always close to the composer’s heart.
Emil Hartmann
CD/8.226183 – Chamber Music
Elisabeth Zeuthen Schneider, Justus Grimm, Tony Nys, Daniel Blumenthal
Pelle Gudmundsen-Holmgreen, Allan Gravgaard Madsen
CD/8.226138 – For Violin and Orchestra & Nachtmusik
Christina Åstrand, Per Salo, Danish National Symphony Orchestra, Ryan Bancroft, Nicholas Collon
Rued Langgaard
/6.200004 – The String Quartets
Nightingale String Quartet

January 2020

Artwork in progress
Bent Sørensen
SACD/8.226095 – Concertos
Martin Fröst, Leif Ove Andsnes, Det Norske Kammerorkester, Danish National Symphony Orchestra
Artwork in progress
Friedrich Kuhlau, Christian Frederik Barth, Niels W. Gade
CD/6.220664 – Concertos from 19th-century Denmark
Jean Thorel, Aarhus Symphony Orchestra