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Works for Organ

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Otto Malling

Works for Organ

Helge Gramstrup, The Jutland Chamber Choir, Mogens Dahl
First recording of the Danish fin-de-siècle composer Otto Malling's spontaneous and appeling tone poems for organ on well-known biblical themes. A highly esteemed composer, he was also professor at the Royal Danish Academy of Music and organist of the Copenhagen Cathedral.
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Paulus, op. 78 (1903)
1 I Paulus raser mod Herrens disciple (Saul rages against the Lord's disciples) 4:57 6,40 kr.
2 II På vejen til Damaskus (On the way to Damascus) 5:07 9,60 kr.
3 III Paulus bliver seende og omvender sig (Saul regains his sight and is converted) 4:43 6,40 kr.
4 IV Paulus forkynder evangeliet og lider forfølgelse (Paul preaches the Gospel and is persecuted) 4:48 6,40 kr.
5 V Folket holder Paulus for en Gud og ofrer til ham (The people consider Paul to be a god and offer sacrifices to him) 4:36 6,40 kr.
6 VI Kærlighedens gave (The gift of love) 3:56 6,40 kr.
The Seven Last Words on the Cross op. 81 (1904)
7 Indledning. Gangen til Gogatha (Introduction. The road to Golgatha) 7:53 9,60 kr.
8 Kjærlighedens ord (Words of love) 7:50 9,60 kr.
9 Lidelsens ord (Words of suffering) 6:26 9,60 kr.
10 Sejrens ord (Words of victory) 6:36 9,60 kr.
11 Epilog med slutkor (Epilogue with final chorus) 5:26 9,60 kr.
Total runtime: 
62 min.
Release date: 
February 1996
Jewel Case
Track count: 


Recorded in Sankt Markus Kirke, Århus, in October 1995

Recording producer: Helge Gramstrup
Sound engineer: Claus Bang Thomasen
Editing and mastering: Claus Byrith
Publisher: Edition Wilhelm Hansen, Copenhagen Leipzig

Cover picture: Joakim Skovgaard: Dommedagsscene. Kristus i de dødes rige" (1892/95) by courtesy of Statens Museum for Kunst

This recording has been supported by the Danish Organists' Association (DOKS)"