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Yndigt dufter Danmark (The wonderful scent of Denmark)

Svend S. Schultz

Yndigt dufter Danmark (The wonderful scent of Denmark)

Danish National Vocal Ensemble, Stefan Parkman

Svend S. Schultz is the great nature lyricist in twentieth-century Danish choral music. In an age of avant-garde, dodecaphony and musical experiments he carried on undaunted writing his simple, beautiful choral songs inspired by poems about the Danish landscape and weather. Besides his many choral works he composed frequently in other genres, for example film and ballet music, entertaining, instrumental and chamber music and several operas.

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Total runtime: 
53 min.
Release date: 
July 1999
Cat. No.: 
Jewel Case
Track count: 


Recorded at the Danish Radio Concert Hall on 3-5 March 1999

Recording producer: Michael Petersen
Editing producer: Henrik Wenzel Andreasen
Sound engineer: Jørn Jacobsen

Publishers: Edition Egtved and Engstrøm & Sødring
Cover painting: Olaf Rude: "Sommerlandskab. Allinge"

dacapo acknowledges, with gratitude, the financial support from the Danish Composers' Society / KODA's Funds for Social and Cultural Purposes

This CD has been recorded in cooperation with Danmarks Radio