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    Jewel Case
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J.P.E. Hartmann


Bodil Udsen, Danish National Symphony Orchestra, Thomas Dausgaard

With an extensive oeuvre covering all genres of the period in both vocal and instrumental music, J.P.E. Hartmann remained active as a composer throughput his long life and was a central figure in Danish Romanticism. There was something distinctive Danish about his music, and it was also in constant development, from late Vienna Classicism to the beginnings of Modernism.

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Yrsa op. 78 (1881)
1 Poco andante - Allegro risoluto, non troppo 7:21 9,60 kr.
Axel og Valborg op. 57 (1857)
2 Moderato assai, lugubre - Allegro non troppo 14:35 12,80 kr.
Hakon Jarl op 40 (1844)
3 Allegro non troppo - Poco più moderato - Allegro molto 9:19 9,60 kr.
Correggio op. 59 (1858)
4 Moderato non troppo 13:49 12,80 kr.
Guldhornene (The Golden Horns) op. 11 (1832)
5 I Moderato con passione - II Moderato con brio - III Allegro non troppo 11:21 12,80 kr.
Total runtime: 
56 min.
Release date: 
September 1998
Jewel Case
Track count: 


Recorded at Danmarks Radio, Studio 1 on 1-2 May 1997, 5-7 May and 29-30 June 1998

Recording producer: Michael Petersen
Sound engineer: Jørn Jacobsen

Cover picture: Jørgen Roed: Collins Gård i Bredgade 4" (1833)

This recording is made in cooperation with Danmarks Radio"