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    The Mærsk Opera

    An old Danish way of saying tells that the one who pays for the music also decides what is being played. The construction of the new Opera House in Copenhagen ended as a nightmare for architect Henning Larsen. The Maersk Opera by Anders Monrad, Nikolaj Heltoft and SUPERFLEX dive into the nightmare unrolling the relationship between the privileged individual, his company and the surrounding community – exemplified by the story of the Opera House creation.

    Anders Monrad
    The Mærsk Opera
    1 Prologue – at a Stonemason’s workshop 7:56
    2 Act 1 – where the Architect loses his voice 20:20
    3 Act 2 – where the Minister takes the stairs 13:45
    4 Act 3 – where the People say thank you 15:19
    5 Epilogue – at a Stonemason’s workshop 3:57
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