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    Erik Bach (b. 1946) is a composer with the whole of music history in his backbone. With inspiration from the Postmodernism of the seventies he has composed over 70 works – many in an easily accessible and highly tasteful style. The three orchestral works on this CD make up a characteristic representative of Erik Bach's compositional style. Each of the works relies fully on the quotation of well known classical pieces that are intertwined with the composers own original ideas.
    Erik Bach
    Réflexions (1973-74)
    1 Réflexions (1973-74) 18:49
    Erik Bach
    Berlin Revisited (2002)
    2 Berlin Revisited (2002) 18:29
    Erik Bach
    Astrotrain (1988)
    3 Astrotrain (1988) 16:22
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