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Two new Henriques releases to be celebrated with a free concert

Christina Bjørkøe and Johannes Søe Hansen © Sanne Hedeskov

Two new Henriques releases to be celebrated with a free concert

On 18 June, Dacapo invites you to come to the Literaturhaus in Copenhagen in connection with the double release of two new recordings of music by Fini Henriques, performed by the pianist Christina Bjørkøe and the violinist Johannes Søe Hansen.

12 June 2019

On 21 June, two new albums will be released featuring music by the Danish composer Fini Henriques (1867-1940): Pieces for Piano, recorded by Christina Bjørkøe, and Works for Violin and Piano, recorded by Christina Bjørkøe and Johannes Søe Hansen.

On the solo album, Christina Bjørkøe explores Billedbogen (The Picture Book), a collection of piano pieces for children, as well as the collections Eroticism and Melodic Profiles. And together with Johannes Søe Hansen she plays Henriques’ shorter pieces for violin and piano, both as single pieces and those in the collections  Kleine bunte Reihe and Novellettes.

Free release concert in Literaturhaus

The new recordings are being celebrated with a release event at Literaturhaus in Copenhagen on Tuesday, 18 June at 19.30, where the pianist Christina Bjørkøe and violinist Johannes Søe Hansen will play a selection of Henriques’ small pieces for violin and piano.

Fini Henriques was both a productive composer and a man with a veritable solo career as a violin virtuoso. He was one of the best-known Danes of his age and appealed to practically everyone, high and low. Henriques was particularly well-known for composing small pieces with a keen characterisation – works with charm and cordiality – and it is some of these pieces that can be heard at the event as well as on the two new releases.

After the concert, Dacapo invites you to a glass of wine – and the new albums can be purchased at a favourable price.

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    Works for Violin and Piano

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