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The release of Emil Hartmann's chamber music to be celebrated with free concert

© Elisabeth Zeuthen Schneider

The release of Emil Hartmann's chamber music to be celebrated with free concert

The Danish violinist Elisabeth Zeuthen Schneider has for a number of years worked on editing, performing and recording the chamber music of the Danish composer Emil Hartmann. On Friday 15 November, the recordings of the works are finally released on an album, which aims at bringing the slightly overlooked composer out of the shadows. 

11 November 2019

Emil Hartmann had a heavy family heritage to lift, being the son of one of the true greats in Danish music life, the composer and organist J.P.E. Hartmann. In Denmark, Emil Hartmann had difficulty freeing himself from his father’s shadow, but in Germany, things were easier, and a number of works from his considerable production was performed here. 

Chamber music is quite extensively represented in Emil Hartmann’s production, which also includes three operas, ballet music and various orchestral works, among other things. Hartmann's music is moving forward with a youthful energy seeking release, but also – like almost all music of that time – profoundly influenced by the genius of Mendelssohn and Schumann. With Hartmann, this influence is enhanced by his simplicity and sincerity.

World premiere recordings

Many of Emil Hartmann's works have not been published or recorded before. Danish Violinist Elisabeth Zeuthen Schneider has therefore initiated the project of reviving and recording Hartmann’s chamber music for the first time.

On the new release, Elisabeth Zeuthen Schneider and friends delve into his chamber musical key works, providing the perfect showcase for the romantic flair of Emil Hartmann, making his lines sing beautifully and virtuosic passages dance, and finding intimacy and eloquence attelling moments.

Free release concert 

On 19 November at 16.30, the new CD is to be celebrated with a release concert and a reception. At the concert, Elisabeth Zeuthen Schneider in the company of her colleagues Nicolas Dupont, Tony Nys, Justus Grimm and Daniel Blumenthal will perform a selection of Emil Hartmann's chamber works. The concert takes places at Studiescenen at the Royal Danish Academy of Music. After the concert, Dacapo Records invites for a glass of wine. 

Entrance to the concert is free, and the new CD can be purchased at a favourable price at the event. 

See Facebook event. 

Dacapo has previously released concertos and orchestral works by Emil Hartmann, whereas the chamber works have never been recorded before.
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