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The fire of change is raging in a new opera about Martin Luther

© Johan Persson

The fire of change is raging in a new opera about Martin Luther

The world premiere recording of Bo Holten and Eva Sommestad Holtens new opera about the controversial catalyst of the Reformation, Martin Luther, is to be released on Friday 27 August. 

New release
16 August 2021

Schlagt sie tot! - the fire of change is an opera about radical change and religious fanaticism. It paints a multifaceted portrait of a complex figure who transformed the world, namely the controversial catalyst of the Reformation, Martin Luther. He was a charismatic, uncompromising artistic personality, at times hateful and in constant struggle with his inner demons.

The opera brings five hundred year old events to life, but is equally about the world today. The libretto mirrors the polarisation, aggression and fears of our own age in events from the Reformation and reflects human emotion in a society set ablaze by the fire of change.

World premiere recording

Schlagt sie tot! is a world premiere recording with Malmö Opera Orchestra and Choruses, conducted by Patrik Ringborg. The central roles are sung by Dietrich Henschel, Thomas Volle, Reinhard Hagen, Inger Dam-Jensen among others.

The music is written by Bo Holten, Denmark’s most prolific composer of lyric theatre and an internationally renowned conductor. Bo Holten has worked on the melodies of Luther's own hymns, which form the musical backbone of the opera.

The libretto, sung in German, is written by Eva Sommestad Holten, who contextualises the narrative both historically and ideologically.

Bo Holten and Eva Sommestad Holten are behind a number of succesful operas. The latest one, Gesualdo · Shadows, was nominated for the German music award OPUS KLASSIK and selected as Critics Choice 2019 in American Record Guide. 

Release event

The new album is to be celebrated at a release event in KoncertKirken on Blågårds Plads 6A in Copenhagen on Thursday 2 September at 16-17:30. 

At the event, Bo Holten and Eva Sommestad Holten will talk about the project, and a small excerpt of the music will be performed. Dacapo Records and Edition Wilhelm Hansen are inviting for a glass of wine and the new release can be purchased at a special price.  

Dacapo has previously released a number of operas by Bo Holten and Eva Sommestad Holten, as well as choral music and concert works written and conducted by Bo Holten.
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