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String quartets – sheet music plus album at a special price

String quartets – sheet music plus album at a special price

The arrangements by the Danish String Quartet of Nordic folk music, the collection Wood Works and Nancy Dalberg’s three string quartets, recorded by Nordic String Quartet, are now on offer as collected packs with CD or LP plus sheet music.

09 December 2020

If you play – or know someone who plays – in a string quartet, you now have the chance to give a highly distinctive present that invites you both to play and to listen.

In cooperation with the publisher Edition·S, we now can offer three special packs, with both sheet music and recorded music, at a favourable price.

Danish String Quartet: Wood Works

The Danish String Quartet’s love of traditional Scandinavian folk music is by now almost as well known as its fine grasp of the classical repertoire.

The Wood Works album is a collection of the quartet’s favourite melodies from Nordic folk music. The release was chosen as the Danish Release of the Year at the P2 Music Award in 2015, and it is available both as a CD and LP. The scores of the collection have been published by Edition·S, and now you have the chance to buy the scores and album in a combined pack at Christmas-friendly prices.

Wood Works - The Complete Collection, Score & Parts + CD: DKK 500

Wood Works - The Complete Collection, Score & Parts + LP: DKK 550

Nancy Dalberg: The three string quartets

Danish composer Nancy Dalberg (1881-1949) wrote three string quartets, each of which occupies a bit of a unique position among her works. The first was the very first instrumental she presented at a public concert. The second was the work she was first released and played abroad, while the third – despite being unveiled 20 years before her death – failed to materialize in her lifetime.

In 2019 , the highly praised Nordic String Quartet made its first collected recording of Dalberg’s quartets. At the same time, the scores of the three quartets were published by Edition·S. We can now offer you the scores and CD at a special combined price.

Nancy Dalberg: The three string quartets – Parts for string quartet + CD: DKK 700


This offer is available until the New Year.

  • Wood Works (CD)

  • Wood Works (LP)

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