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Siobhan Lamb gives H.C. Andersen's The Red Shoes a new sound

Komponist og fløjtenist Siobhan Lamb © Kelley Hudson

Siobhan Lamb gives H.C. Andersen's The Red Shoes a new sound

Suoni Ensemble, which includes percussionist Marilyn Mazur and trumpeter Gerard Presencer, has recorded Siobhan Lamb's musical interpretation of H.C. Andersen's cruel fairy tale The Red Shoes, which will be released on 5 April.

25 March 2019

Red is a colour with many meanings. It is the colour of blood, the colour of danger, the colour of temptation, passion and love. Hans Christian Andersen took the symbolism to a new extreme of cruelty in The Red Shoes – an ancient folk tale given a modern musical reworking by Siobhan Lamb and the Suoni Ensemble on new album.

The idea of the choices we make

H.C. Andersen's disturbing fairy tale, The Red Shoes from 1845 is the story about the little orphan girl Karen, who is punished for her vanity in coveting red shoes and daring to wear them to church. In Siobhan Lamb's interpretation Karen is replaced with the boy Carl, and focus is more on the metaphor for being different,and on being punished for choosing to be different. Siobhan Lamb says:

“Hans Christian Andersen’s The Red Shoes, at first glance seems like a cautionary tale about vanity, and maybe it is. But, in my opinion, the story examines the idea of the choices we make, both mundane and extraordinary choices.”

Release concert in Christians Church

Siobhan Lambs work is recorded by Suoni Ensemble, that, besides the composer herself, originally trained as a flautist, also counts a.o. Marilyn Mazur on percussion and the trumpeter Gerard Presencer, also a part of the Danish National Big Band.  The recording also features the sound of tap dancer Sindre Postholm, who, at the original performances in DR Musikariet, interpreted the story in dance.

The release will be celebrated at a concert with Suoni Ensemble, Suoni Chorus og Copenhagen International Children’s Choir, in which parts of the music from the new album can be heard together with musical stories from all over the world.The concert will take place in Christian's Church in Copenhagen on 6 April at 19.00.
Tickets are availble from Ticketmaster or at the door. Adults: 100 kr. / Children u. 12 years:Free entrance. 

At the concert the new CD can be purchased at a special price.

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