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Niels Rønsholdt nominated for the Nordic Council Music Prize 2020

Niels Rønsholdt

Niels Rønsholdt nominated for the Nordic Council Music Prize 2020

Niels Rønsholdt's song cycle 'Songs of Doubt' is among the nominees for the Nordic Council Music Prize 2020.

17 June 2020

The Nordic Council Music Prize has just published the nominees for this year's prize, which is being awarded to a Nordic composer. Among the nominees is Niels Rønsholdt (b. 1978) for his work Songs of Doubt, a song cycle consisting of 10 songs with lyrics by Rønsholdt himself, for male solo voice, choir and ondes martenot, which was released on Dacapo in 2017. 

Songs of Doubt is a study of the state of doubt as an existential basic condition of life. Doubt and clarity are intertwined in the original soundscape of the song cycle, where Rønsholdt is portraying the nature of doubt by letting the music being sung backwards at times. 

The committee writes about the work: 

"Songs of Doubt stands as a collection of strange, breathtakingly beautiful and deeply emotional musical statements about one of the fundamental conditions of being human: doubt and the states that doubt calls forth in us."

Listen to the album here.

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