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New podcast series about Klaus Ib Jørgensen’s song cycle 'Moon-pain'

New podcast series about Klaus Ib Jørgensen’s song cycle 'Moon-pain'

Today the first part of Poetisk Podcast’s new series in four episodes about Klaus Ib Jørgensen’s work Moon-pain, that has been released by Dacapo, becomes available.

09 September 2020

In his major work, the song cycle Moon-pain, Klaus Ib Jørgensen (b. 1967) has composed music to six poems written by the Portuguese poet Fernando Pessoa (1888-1935). The songs were written in the years 2003-08 for mezzo-soprano and chamber ensemble, and in 2009 they were issued as a CD by Dacapo.

Today, Wednesday 9 September, the first episode of the podcast series Moonpain Revisited, which has been produced by Poetisk Podcast, becomes available. The series consists of four episodes, and a new episode will be made available every week for four weeks at Poetisk Podcast's digital platform.

The podcast Moonpain Revisited is a reproduction of material originally collected in Klaus Ib Jørgensen’s literary-musical digital work connected to the Moon-pain song-cycle, created in cooperation with a number of contributing artists.

Moonlit songs

The song-cycle is both beautiful and disturbing music to Pessoa’s dreamy, moon-lit (almost moonstruck) poems, written in a symbolist style around the First World War.

On the Moon-pain album you can hear the six pieces of the song-cycle interwoven with two other related compositions: Goblin Dance (2005) for clarinet and piano, and Lisbon Revisited (2008) – a soundscape of sounds from the streets of Lisbon, Pessoa’s poetry in languages from all round the world, and fragments of the Moon-pain music.

The album can be streamed here

Klaus Ib Jørgensen's work 'Moon-pain' was released on Dacapo in 2009.
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