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New playlist with string music from the Dacapo Records archive

New playlist with string music from the Dacapo Records archive

Dacapo Records presents works from the catalogue in new contexts on a number of playlists that you can follow and stream.

31 August 2021

Dacapo's catalogue contains more than 600 different releases with everything from the earliest Baroque music to experimental, contemporary music. To offer you new ways of exploring the music, Dacapo is working with curated playlists where works are presented in new contexts and with new thematics. 

Virtuoso and vibrating strings

Recently released is the playlist Vibrating StringsThe playlist presents selected highlights from Dacapo's big string music catalogue, both solo works for violin and viola, string quartets, orchestral works, viola concerts and works for violin and piano. 

Explore music by Nancy Dalberg, Hans Abrahamsen, Fini Henriques and Pelle Gudmundsen-Holmgreen among others, in virtuoso performances by the Danish String Quartet, Christina Åstrand, the Kontra Quartet, Nightingale String Quartet, Jákup Lützen and many more.

Stream the playlist Vibrating Strings here.

Listen also to the playlists Dreamy Orchestral Vibes, Experimental Manoeuvres and Peaceful Piano.