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New music video by Josefine Opsahl

New music video by Josefine Opsahl

Liquid Entity is created in beautiful theatre scenograpy with music from Josefine Opsahl's praised solo album Atrium.

New release
21 September 2022

In August, Josefine Opsahl's debut for Dacapo Records, the solo album Atrium for cello and live electronics was released. The album has received words of praise form the press, including Swedish Dagens Nyheter who wrote:  Albummet har fået rosende ord fra pressen, bl.a. svenske Dagens Nyheter som skrev: "Opsahl's intriguing music is both technically refined and emotional at the same time".

Josefine Opsahl is occupied with how architectural spaces and their resonances impact her compositions and several works on Atrium were inspired by or commissioned for architectural spaces, such as the National Gallery of Denmark and the Utzon Center in Aalborg.

Now the music video Liquid Entity with music from the album Atrium is released, reflecting her ability to connect music, art, performance, and space. By the use of reverb, harmonisers, and loopers in Liquid Entity, Opsahl melts and softens the hard-edged sound of her cello.

Watch the video on YouTube or Apple Music.

If you want to further explore Josefine Opsahl's universe, you can also watch the music video Gaar Ikke Soels og Maanes Vei Ned Under Dybe Hav?, recorded at Thorvaldsens Museum, on YouTube or Apple Music.

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Music in the video from the album Atrium, composed and recorded by Josefine Opsahl and tonmeister Tomas Kærup.

Video credits:
Tim Panduro: video and editing
Simone Wierød: choreography and styling
Nicholas Nybro: outfits
Casper Tornhøj Schärfe: idea and production manager

The video is created in the scenography for the performance NUL by The Other Eye of the Tiger (TOETT) at Momentum Teater.
Ida Grarup: scenography
Súni Joensen: light design
Casper Døi: light technician
Laura Ovgaard Edlefsen: technical assistent