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New EP with timeless and melodious guitar works by Hans Dal

New EP with timeless and melodious guitar works by Hans Dal

On 24 November an EP is released, presenting five selected works for solo guitar by the Danish composer Hans Dal, recorded by guitarist Søren Bødker Madsen.

New release
17 November 2023

Some people might know composer Hans Dal from his long career in the world of film and television. Since the 1960s, he has made his mark on the Danish music scene, especially for his many compositions for films and theatre plays. 

Hans Dal is also a trained guitarist from the Royal Danish Academy of Music and during his studies he made an important discovery the classical guitar repertoire felt limited in its expression. So he took up the challenge and started writing music tailored to his own instrument. The five works on this release are previously unpublished and show not only that Dal places considerable demands on his guitarists, but also that he is passionate about exploring the guitar's potential as a melodic instrument.

Timeless melodies and beautiful themes

Hans Dal himself says that his heart will always beat strongest for creating beautiful themes, no matter what the musical trends of the day may dictate: "I write music because it's my passion, my calling, and something I simply can't help doing. But when I delve into the process, I'm faced with a realisation the realisation that I'm considered old-fashioned. I've said it before, my works are tonal and melodic, and they may not fall into what some would describe as 'good taste'. But I do possess a unique ability to create themes – even some quite good ones, if I may say so myself," he says.

Hans Dal's dedication to melodious and tonal compositions may be considered old-fashioned, but it is precisely this unique approach that has made his music timeless.

About Søren Bødker Madsen

The new EP was recorded by Danish guitar virtuoso Søren Bødker Madsen, who studied at the Royal Academy of Music in Jutland and trained as a soloist at the Vienna Conservatory. He is particularly recognised for his live performances and genre breadth. In addition to his extensive recording activity, which has so far resulted in 11 albums of solo music, he also has extensive teaching experience and is the author of several guitar teaching books.

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