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New album presents the collaboration between SVIN and Århus Sinfonietta

SVIN & Århus Sinfonietta

New album presents the collaboration between SVIN and Århus Sinfonietta

On 21 January 2022, the first recording of the work ELEGI will be released as a digital album and on vinyl.

New release
10 January 2022

On a rain-soaked night during Aarhus Festival 2019 inside Langenæs Church, the avant-garde rock trio SVIN and Århus Sinfonietta got together for the performance of the work ELEGI, which will be released on 21 January as a digital album and on vinyl.

The work is composed by SVIN for three percussionists, three string players and three wind players from the Sinfonietta plus the three members of SVIN. The two ensembles are entwined and their instruments pushed to the edge of their sonic potential in the work, which contains both elements from the classical music, ritualistic rock rhythms and a sure sense of Zen.

A vast range of timbres and textures

ELEGI is a ten-movement work, which appears to be rooted in the classical music traditions of both west and east. Through an hour of music, ELEGI builds from a base of reflective melancholy to one of high energy. It is composed music with the impulses of a tight, reactive improvisation and with a vast range of timbres and textures, acoustic and electronic

In the work, we experience the ambient drones familiar from some of SVIN’s previous albums, junkyard percussion, noise elements and hard-driven rock rhythms. We also hear severel references to Asian culture: intricate wind motifs with an Arabic touch, references to traditional Indian instruments and movement titles named after a popular Japanese video and the Japanese art of flower arrangement.

A meeting between two curious and progressive ensembles

SVIN has been at the forefront of progressive Danish music for a decade, as both a lauded pioneer and a well-guarded secret. The band describes itself as an avant-garde rock trio, but its aesthetic sprawls across the domains of contemporary classical music, free jazz, metal, noise music, world music and further.

Århus Sinfonietta was formed in 1990 by a group of musicians from the Aarhus Symphony Orchestra and the Jutland Ensemble in collaboration with the composer Hans Abrahamsen. The regular core of the ensemble consists of seventeen professional musicians who together represent all the instruments of the symphony orchestra. Today, Jakob Kullberg is the artistic director of the ensemble, which primarily focuses on contemporary Danish music and experimental concert formats.

Music videos out now

You can get a sneak peak on the unique collaboration between SVIN and Århus Sinfonietta with three music videos produced at the first performance of the work. You'll find the music videos on the Dacapo Records YouTube profile

You can also already now pre-save the album to your streaming service here. Then you'll make sure to have the album automatically added to your library on the release date.

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