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Listen to Jesper Sivebæk's classical guitar music playlist

Listen to Jesper Sivebæk's classical guitar music playlist

Guitarist Jesper Sivebæk is in the centre of the new album Octagonal Room with music by Lars Heegard. Now you can listen to classical guitar music on a new playlist curated by Jesper Sivebæk on the occasion of the new release.

06 April 2021

The new album Octagonal Room presents six of Lars Heegard's most important works for small groups, centred on the composer own instrument, the guitar. The works offer a fascinating picture of the guitar’s possibilities as a solo instrument, as accompanist and as the first amongst equals in chamber music.

The Danish prize-winning guitarist Jesper Sivebæk is solist on the album. Sivebæk has extensive concert engagements as a soloist and chamber musician, he is co-founder of the Scandinavian Guitar Duo and has played first performances of Danish guitar concertos by high-profiled composers.

On the occasion of the release of Octagonal Room we have asked Jesper Sivebæk to curate a playlist with the most excellent classical music with the guitar in focus. 

Stream the playlist Classical Guitar.

Jesper Sivebæk introduces the inspiration of the playlist: 

"I began playing the guitar at the age of eight after listening to the Spanish guitar legend Andres Segovia on LPs at my uncle's house and becoming fascinated by the sound and mood he could produce from his guitar. The guitar and the sound of this wooden instrument has followed me ever since and still fascinates me, so this playlist is with a lot of great guitar music. 

I have the luck to work with contemporary composers and the process of getting the music on print and its way to the sounding result together with the composer is something I am extremely fund of. This is also reflected on the playlist."

'Octagonal Room' with chamber music works by Lars Heegard was released on Dacapo in March 2021.
  • Lars Hegaard

    Octagonal Room – Solo and Chamber Works for Guitar