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Leif Kayser's 100 years celebrated with 50% discount

Leif Kayser © Werner Meyer

Leif Kayser's 100 years celebrated with 50% discount

Danish composer Leif Kayser would have turned 100 on 13 June. On that occasion you can now get all releases with his music at half price.

11 June 2019

Leif Kayser (1919-2001) had a very versatile professional career. For many years he taught instrumentation at the Royal Academy of Music in Copenhagen, and he was also a pianist, organist and conductor. His own teachers included Poul Schierbeck, Nadia Boulanger and Hilding Rosenberg.

In the 1940s Leif Kayser studied theology in Rome, and in 1949 he was ordained as a Catholic priest. For some years he worked in this capacity in Copenhagen. He has written a very large number of works. It aroused great attention when he had his First Symphony performed for the first time in Sweden at the age of 19; later another four have followed. In general Kayser's work is dominated by sacred music such as oratorios, a cappella works and several organ works. He has also written chamber music, didactic music, piano transcriptions of Romantic music and works for accordion.

To celebrate that Leif Kayser would have turned 100 on 13 June this year, Dacapo offers 50% discount on all of his music through June.

Right now all releases with Leif Kayser's music are available at half price.
  • Leif Kayser

    Symphonies Vol. 1

  • Leif Kayser

    Symphonies Vol. 2

  • Leif Kayser

    Works for Organ

  • Hans Abrahamsen, Ib Nørholm, Ole Buck, Leif Kayser, Morten Nyord, Hans Henrik Brandt


  • Andy Pape, Ejnar Kanding, Ivar Frounberg, Mogens Winkel Holm, Klaus Ib Jørgensen, Leif Kayser

    Works for Classical Accordion