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Lars Møller nominated for DMA Jazz

Lars Møller nominated for DMA Jazz

Saxofonist og komponist Lars Møller er med albummet Glow of Banares nomineret i kategorien 'Årets Danske Jazzkomponist' ved Danish Music Awards Jazz den 12. november 2018.

02 November 2018

With Glow of Benares, saxophonist/composer Lars Møller (b. 1966) summarises 25 years of working with Indian music. On this recording, whose title refers to the holiest of the sacred cities in Hinduism, Indian melodic ragas and rhythms are combined with the orchestral formats of jazz and western music, as the two Indian musicians Kala Ramnath and Abhijit Banerjee meet the Aarhus Jazz Orchestra and the Danish Sinfonietta.

Nominated for Danish Music Award Jazz

Now Lars Møller is nominated for a Danish Music Award in the category Danish Jazz Composer of the Year for Glow of Benares. The award show is held on November 12 at Bremen Teater, when JazzDanmark invites for this year's DMA Jazz. 

'Glow of Benares' follows Lars Møller's 'ReWrite of Spring', which was released in 2015.
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    Glow of Benares

  • Lars Møller

    ReWrite of Spring

Hear the music live

Parts of the music will be performed at a concert in Brorson's Church on Friday 2nd November at 20.00. Hear Lars Møller, Kala Ramnath and Abhijit Banerjee play with guitarist Thor Madsen and drummer Jonas Johansen. There is free entrance.