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Fuzzy to be celebrated at Copenhagen Jazz Festival

Fuzzy © Lars Svankjær

Fuzzy to be celebrated at Copenhagen Jazz Festival

On 8 July, Copenhagen Jazz Festival invites you to an 80th birthday concert for the composer Fuzzy, with a classical ensemble led by Louise Hjorth, the electronic musician Bjørn Svin and Fuzzy himself.

01 July 2019

The composer and musician Fuzzy (Jens Wilhelm Pedersen) studied under Finn Høffding and Per Nørgård at the academies of music in Copenhagen and Aarhus, and later under Ligeti, Stockhausen and Jan Bark. Between 1960 and 1980, he was assistant professor at Royal Academy in Aarhus. Fuzzy’s production falls into four main categories: instrumental music, electro-acoustic music, theatre music and film music – and he has made his mark as a Danish pioneer within the field of electro-acoustic music.

In February of this year, Fuzzy had his 80th birthday, and this is going to be celebrated at Copenhagen Jazz Festival by a special birthday concert.

An overall look at Fuzzy’s universe

The recorder player Louise Hjorth has had a long-lasting collaboration with Fuzzy and is the one who has taken the initiative for this concert, one that casts an overall look at the composer’s rich universe. Apart from Hjorth, performers are Bjørn Svin, electronics, Alexandra Hallén, cello and Ying-Hsueh Chen, percussion – Fuzzy himself will be at the grand piano.

The programme offers the world premiere performance of a completely new work for ensemble and electronics as well as other works by Fuzzy and composers connected to Fuzzy.

The internationally recognised electronic sound artist Bjørn Svin is participating in the concert and performing with Fuzzy a live-remix, an electronic montage of their collaboration over the years.

The concert is taking place in Sankt Markus Kirke in Frederiksberg on 8 July at 19.30.

For more information about the concert, go to here.


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