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Follow Dacapo Records' curator profile on Apple Music

Follow Dacapo Records' curator profile on Apple Music

We are delighted to announce that Dacapo Records has been granted an Apple Music Curator profile enabling us to curate and share playlists for Apple Music listeners.

New release
07 July 2021

In celebration of the new Dacapo Records Curator profile, we have created three exclusive playlists only available on Apple Music. The playlists provide an introduction to three genres close to our hearts and with strong repertoire from the Dacapo Records catalogue. We hope you'll enjoy listening just to the playlists as much as we enjoyed creating them. 

Three playlists provide an introduction to the Dacapos Records catalogue

The playlist 'An introduction to Danish Opera' contains tracks from some of the greatest Danish operas, including Carl Nielsen's Maskarade, Peter Heise's Drot og Marsk (King and Marshal), Rued Langgaard's Antikrist, and Niels W. Gade's Elf-King's Daughter.

'An introduction to Danish Chamber Music' presents both emotional string quartets, Nordic folk melodies, and evocative miniature forms.

On 'An introduction to Danish Orchestral Works' you'll find a selection of captivating orchestral music by composers including Nancy Dalberg, Bent Sørensen, Sunleif Rasmussen, and Karl Aage Rasmussen.

Make sure to add the exclusive playlists to your library and browse our Apple Music Curator profile for other interesting playlists with selected tracks from Dacapo Records' big catalogue. You'll find the Dacapo Records Apple Music Curator profile here.