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Experience Jakob Davidsen’s THE WORLD IS BABEL AND IVORY on new album and at a Winter Jazz concert

Jakob Davidsen (c) Gorm Valentin

Experience Jakob Davidsen’s THE WORLD IS BABEL AND IVORY on new album and at a Winter Jazz concert

Jakob Davidsen, with his Kammerat Orkester and FIGURA Ensemble, transports the listener away from safe, well-trodden paths on a genre-crossing adventure on a new album based on selected texts by William Shakespeare, Ursula Andkjær Olsen and Ole Sarvig. The album is to be released on 14 February and can be experienced live on 18 February in KoncertKirken.

10 February 2020

The composer and pianist Jakob Davidsen (b. 1969) is wide-ranging as a musician and composer. With a background in both the young jazz environment of the 1990s, Danish composition music and experience as a church organist, he crosses in his album THE WORLD IS BABEL AND IVORY the traditional boundaries between rhythmical and classical music.

The musicians as co-creators

Davidsen differs from many other composers in his linking of score music and improvisation. He puts it like this: “I’ve lots of things in my luggage, but today I primarily compose as myself. I am increasingly distancing myself from special compositional techniques and writing what I hear."

Davidsen agrees with the idea that the musicians have a co-creational role in the work. It is not just a question of reading a score but also of understanding each other in the musical situation, and the new album thus marks the culmination of many years of collaboration between the mezzo-soprano Signe Asmussen, FIGURA Ensemble and Jakob Davidsen's Kammerat Orkester.

Poetry as the point of departure

The new album comprises three compositions, the main emphasis being on the suite THE WORLD IS BABEL AND IVORY, a musical staging of a text cycle from Ursula Andkjær Olsen’s poetry collection Det 3. årtusindes hjerte (The Heart of the Third Millennium, 2012). This composition is fringed by a prologue, the Shakespeare quotation Cruel to Be Kind from Hamlet (1603), and an epilogue, the Ole Sarvig poem Nærmere (Closer) from the collection Grønne digte (Green Poems, 1943). Using the poetry as their point of departure, Davidsen’s compositions deal with the mysteries and enigmatic riddles of existence.

Winter Jazz concert

The new album is released on 14 February and will be celebrated on 18 February at 20.00 in KoncertKirken, where the music from the album can be experienced live as part of the Winter Jazz festival. After the concert, Dacapo invites for a glass of wine and an album celebration – and the new CD will be on sale at a favourable price.

Dacapo has released several albums featuring the FIGURA Ensemble, while Jakob Davidsens Kammerat Orkester is new to the catalogue.
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