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Damkapellet works for diversity and representation in Danish classical music

Foto: Hipermania

Damkapellet works for diversity and representation in Danish classical music

Damkapellet is a music collective formed to bring diversity to the Danish muisc life and challenge the traditions of classical music. On 10 February, Damkapellet's debut album is to be released by Dacapo Records.

New release
23 January 2023

Damkapellet is a music collective formed in 2016 to bring diversity to the Danish music scene by highlighting and performing music by artists who define themselves as women, non-binary or transgender.

Demiurge, the collective’s debut album, presents Damkapellet’s unique approach to music making, genre as well as conventions and forms of creation in classical music.

The new album is to be released on 10 February. You can listen to a single from the album, that is a radio edit of the titlework Demiurge, already on 3 February.

Challenging structures and traditions

The members of Damkapellet have backgrounds primarily in the classical music and its educational institutions. Here the musicians became aware of the uneven gender balance in the classical repertoire and this aroused a curiosity to explore composers who were not represented in the standard repertoire, but also to cast a critical eye on the structures of the classical music world.

Part of the collective's dogma is therefore: "Damkapellet stands in opposition to the patriarchal classical music tradition and its hierarchical forms of creation."

To Damkapellet, music is not individual, but a collective process. Together they explore, without being limited by genre, and often include improvisation as a part of the process, both when interpreting, collaborating with external composers, or creating original works themselves.

In this video you can hear the members of Damkapellet talk about the collective, the works on the album and what the community means to the individual musicians. 

Between improvisation and notation

The works on the new album are written by four composers, two of whom are members of Damkapellet: Randi Pontoppidan's Demiurge includes both orchestrated and improvisational elements centred around the singer, and Kirstine Lindemann's Further & Back is a graphically notated piece written for open instrumentation, here in a version developed in close collaboration with Damkapellet.

Gestalt Minimal III is written by Greta Eacott, a British-Swedish composer based in Denmark, who is known for her boundarypushing works and a musical aesthetic which is both playful and refined, sensual and synthetic.

The Swedish composer Lo Kristenson is represented on the album with the almost meditative PULS, which demonstrates her expression in which harshness and resistance co-exist with fragile delicacy and vulnerability.

Release concert

On Saturday 25 February, Damkapellet invites for a release concert as a part of the festival Vinterjazz 2023. The concert takes places in KoncertKirken in Copenhagen, Blågårds Plads 6A, at 19.00. Read more here.