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Celebrating female composers

Celebrating female composers

The International Women’s Day marks the struggle for a worldwide gender balance. Dacapo is still far from a real gender-balanced catalogue, but we are proud to present works by composers, who are women, from the past 100 years – from Hilda Sehested and Nancy Dalberg to a steadily growing list of contemporary composers.

04 March 2020

On the occasion of International Women’s Day 2020 on 8 March, it is time to take a look at the present repertoire statistics, which reveal than over 95% of the works that are performed in Danish concert halls, music associations and festivals have been written by men – a statistic that is also reflected in the recording of Danish music.

Dacapo is striving to achieve a greater equality in the repertoire for classical and new music. We are doing this on International Women’s Day, as well as the rest of the year. There is still far to go, but we can fortunately present a number of works by excellent composers who are women in our catalogue. We feel it is important to aim for a diverse repertoire within classical and new music and are working hard to try and increase the available selection.

One of Dacapo’s most important tasks is to record and document works from the history of Danish music. This work offers us the opportunity to emphasise some of the female composers who, during their lifetime, met with considerable resistance in Danish musical life, particularly for gender reasons. So in Dacapo’s catalogue we now have selected works by, for example, Nancy Dalherg, Hilda Sehested and Else Marie Pade – and there are more on their way.

Dacapo also releases music that has only recently been written, and in recent years we have added such composers as Louise Alenius, Signe Lykke, Line Tjørnhøj, Tine Surel Lange, Juliana Hodkinson and Siobhan Lamb to our catalogue.

In addition, Dacapo’s catalogue also features electronic experiments by such composers as Katrine Ring and Birgitte Alsted, choral works by Hanne Ørvad, Anne Boyd, Liu Sola, among others, and chamber works by Indra Riše.

  • Louise Alenius

    ILT (Oxygen)

  • Signe Lykke

    Body Textures

  • Carl Nielsen, Niels W. Gade, Wilhelm Stenhammar, Vagn Holmboe, Line Tjørnhøj

    Crossing Borders

  • Nancy Dalberg

    The String Quartets

  • Nancy Dalberg


  • Lisbeth Ahlgren Jensen, Hilda Sehested, Nancy Dalberg

    Danske Komponister – Hilda Sehested og Nancy Dalberg

  • Hilda Sehested, Asger Hamerik, Percy Grainger, Louis Glass

    Cello and Piano

  • Indra Rise

    The Return

  • Siobhan Lamb

    The Red Shoes

  • Else Marie Pade

    EMP RMX 333 – a tribute to Else Marie Pade (1924–2016)

  • Else Marie Pade

    Aquarellen über das Meer; Illustrations

  • Else Marie Pade

    Face It

  • Else Marie Pade

    Et glasperlespil

  • Henrik Marstal, Else Marie Pade

    Danske Komponister – Else Marie Pade

  • Tine Surel Lange, Andreja Andric, Wayne Siegel, Kaj Duncan David, Klavs Kehlet Hansen

    CONNECT — electronic works for guitar

  • Birgitte Alsted, Simon Christensen, Fuzzy, Eva Noer Kondrup, Ib Nørholm, Morten Olsen, Kasper Rofelt, Martin Stauning, Line Tjørnhøj, Nicolai Worsaae

    Educate·S – Pieces for Piano

  • Birgitte Alsted

    Agnete's Laughter

  • Birgitte Alsted

    Planetarium Music – Sorgsang II

  • Electronic Music Produced at DIEM 1987-2012

  • Hanne Ørvad


  • Jack Body, Anne Boyd, Liu Sola, Lou Harrison, Ross Edwards

    A Bridge of Dreams

  • Juliana Hodkinson, Niels Rønsholdt

    Fish & Fowl

  • Bent Lorentzen, Niels Marthinsen, Jørgen Messerschmidt, Juliana Hodkinson, Ole Buck, Sven Erik Werner, Lars Hegaard, Martin Lohse, Andy Pape, Per Nørgård


  • Katrine Ring, Vagn Holmboe

    A Hand for Holmboe

  • Nanna, Gunnar Nyborg-Jensen, Henning Hansen, Benny E. Andersen, Sebastian, Jan Rørdam, Poul Schierbeck, Thorbjørn Egner, Carl Nielsen, Knud Vad Thomsen, Mogens Jermiin Nissen, Vagn Skovlund

    The Children’s Treasury of Song