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Bo Holten's opera films on view in the Danish Film Institute

Gesualdo · Shadows © Eva Sommestad Holten

Bo Holten's opera films on view in the Danish Film Institute

In May and June, The Cinematheque in Copenhagen is focusing on films of operas and will be showing Bo Holten’s operas The Visit of the Royal Physician and Gesualdo · Shadows. Get tickets at a special price.

08 May 2019

In May and June, The Cinematheque (Danish Film Institute) will make it possible to see the DVD versions of Bo Holten’s operas on a large screen. At two of these showings, the film will be introduced by Bo Holten and the librettist Eva Sommerstad Holten.

Live recording from Copenhagen Opera House

Bo Holten's opera The Visit of the Royal Physician is based on P.O. Enquist’s bestseller of the same name, which depicts one of the most dramatic episodes in Danish history: How the king’s royal physician, Struensee, gains political control of Denmark and also becomes the lover of the young queen, Caroline Matilde.

The Visit of the Royal Physician was extremely well received by both audience and reviewers at the 2009 premiere in Copenhagen Opera House, and the following year a DVD of a live performance of it was released.

The Visit of the Royal Physician will be shown at The Cinematheque on 15 May and 2 June.  Read more

Modern baroque opera

Bo Holten’s modern baroque opera Gesualdo · Shadows, which was issued as a DVD in 2018, portrays the Italian Renaissance composer Carlo Gesualdo’s (1566-1613) dramatic life: From a passionate youth to an old age characterised by mystery, violence and melancholy. Gesualdo’s own madrigals have been written into the score and contribute to a gripping universe of pain and beauty in the narrative of a major artist lost between outer obligations and inner frailty.

Gesualdo · Shadows will be shown at The Cinematheque on 12 May and 25 May.  Read more.

Both 'The Visit of the Royal Physician' and 'Gesualdo · Shadows' are released on DVD.
  • Bo Holten

    Gesualdo · Shadows – en moderne barokopera

  • Bo Holten

    Livlægens besøg

Get discounted tickets

The views of Holten's opera films are a part of an entire series of opera films in the Cinematheque in May and June. The whole programme can be seen here.

The Cinematheque offers all 'friends of Dacapo' tickets to the screenings of opera films at a special price. Ordinary views thus cost DKK 50 (normal price DKK 80), and for full-evening films / films with wine, the price is DKK 65 (normal price DKK 95). The offer applies only by personal contact in the Cinematheque ticket office, Gothersgade 55, where you should mention that you have received the offer through Dacapo to get the discount.