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Bent Sørensen's 'Concertos' wins the P2 Music Award in the category 'Album of the Year, New classical'

Bent Sørensen's 'Concertos' wins the P2 Music Award in the category 'Album of the Year, New classical'

Bent Sørensen has just received the P2 Music Award for the album Concertos, presenting three instrumental concertos performed by three distinguished Nordic soloists. Many congratulations from Dacapo!

15 February 2021

Saturday, Danish Radio P2 unveiled the winners of P2 Prisen (P2 Music Award), which is awarded annually to artists, composers and fiery souls in the Danish classical music life. The prize Album of the Year, New classical was awarded to Bent Sørensen's album Concertos, which was released on Dacapo in March 2020.

The album presents three highly evocative instrumental concertos, written for and performed by three excellent soloists from the Nordic countries:  Leif Ove Andsnes in the piano concerto La Mattina, Tine Thing Helseth in the trumpet concerto and Martin Fröst in the clarinet concerto Serenidad, accompanied by respectively the Norwegian Chamber Orchestra and the Danish National Symphony Orchestra.

The jury writes about the winning album:

"In Bent Sørensen's three concertos, we enter a masterly, magical world of dreams rich in atmosphere and condensed moments. In addition to that, Bent Sørensen is reinterpreting the concerto form. The usual contrast between soloist and orchestra is suspended. Instead we are dealing with a joined expedition with the soloist as a shining centre and the orchestra as a fascinating echo chamber. Led by three Nordic soloists belonging in the international top, the musical standards are sky-high."

Bent Sørensen was also awarded the main prize, that is the title of P2 Artist 2021. Through the year, P2 will bring special attention to Bent Sørensen, who is the first composer to receive the award. 

Stream the album here.

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