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Jytte Rex

Erik Molberg Hansen
Jytte Rex is the most respected Danish avant-garde film director. She has directed six feature films: Veronicas Veil (1977), The Achilles' Heel is my Weapon (1979), Belladonna (1981), Isolde (1989), The Mirrors of the Planet (1991), Silk Road (2004). Among her short films are The Memorious (1986) based on two novels by Jorge Luis Borges. Her recent work in cinema is an artist trilogy on literature, painting and music, (2007) being the last part. Among her books are I Didn't Sleep a Wink (picture novel, 1978), The Balk in the Eye (80 drawings, 1982), Pedigrees (photos, 1987), Figure and Space (drawings, 1989), Ashes, Time, Fire (photos and text, 1995), Limbo (12 picture suites, 2000).