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Jeanette Dyremose

For Jeanette Dyremose, the Accordion was always the chosen instrument. The academies of music, however, did not yet offer educational opportunities for the
Accordion. The organ being the closest possible instrument, Jeanette Dyremose opted for an education on this instrument, graduating in 1970 from the Royal Danish Academy of Music as an Organ player. Following her graduation, she studied Accordion playing, pedagogics, and ensemble instruction in Germany, Poland and the USA.

For a number of years Jeannette Dyremose was employed as accordionist at the Royal Theatre of Denmark. In 1977, she founded The Danish Accordion Ensemble, and in 1978 she founded The Danish Accordion Association; she is also founder of The Accordion Centre in Copenhagen, the largest music school of Denmark specializing in the Accordion.

For 27 consecutive years Jeannette Dyremose has been a member of the jury of the Klingenthaler Akkordeonwettbewerbe, Germany, and for many years she has been a member of the CIA/IMC/UNESCO Music Council. Since 1984 and through 16 years professor at the Carl Nielsen Academy of Music, Odense.

On her birthday 16th January 1990, Jeanette Dyremose founded The Danish Accordion Academy, today merged with The Accordion Centre under the name Jeanette Dyremose Academy of Music.

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